With a high level of experience within the field of online marketing, we are very committed and flexible as we do our best to make every one of our clients feel like we are a part of their own in-house team.

Email Marketing

Email is used by most companies to communicate and market to their clients – Afro New Media will professionalise this and create a management and tracking system that will provide clients with REAL data that can be used to make real reports-col-60-x-60decisions.

E-mail marketing is often reported as one of the most effective online marketing tactics available. An exact return on investment can be tracked and has proven to be high when done properly.

It’s specially important to bear in mind the privacy issues concerning this direct marketing technique. Black hat spam will ruin your company’s reputation forever.

We will make sure you build a vast, good quality database of potential customers first, then we will show you the best way to approach them pie-col-60-x-60via our email marketing automated systems.

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