“Mobile is so important, put your best people on mobile. If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you are no longer relevant” – Eric Schmidt, Chairman Google Inc. Here at AFROEMEDIA we trully believe that the future is mobile and Eric couldn’t have said it better

Mobile Marketing

Long gone are the times when we used our mobile phones only for calling. Our Blackberries, Nokia’s, iPhones and Androids have become irreplaceable parts of our lives and represent the greatest opportunity for effective marketing in a generation. Contrary to what many marketers believe, it doesn’t take a huge amount of resources to get started, and with the right strategy, the return on investment can be outstanding.

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We advise our clients on how to be clear with their campaign goals, no matter if they are purchases, brand awareness, downloads, or brochure orders. Once the goals are clear and the target group has been identified, the strategy can be developed, and the right methods will be applied.

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We help our clients decide on the ideal mobile operating systems and mobile advertising platforms to use for their needs. Banner ads placed within application platforms have proven to be very effective in a branding perspective, since the number of impressions is sky-high and unbelievably cheap, whereas search campaigns drive conversions more effectively.

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We build our clients’ mobile marketing campaigns and regularly optimise them. Mobile marketing is still relatively new territory and demands even more attention and adjustments from the account managers. Being partners with InMobi, AdMob, AdMeld and many more, Afro eMedia has an advantageous network and the right background knowledge.

Get in touch if you would like to get started with mobile marketing or if you want more information on cases where we have delivered outstanding results from mobile marketing!

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